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Stris & Maher regularly represents clients in high-impact pro bono cases before courts throughout the country. Some of our recent, notable representations include:

  • Bard College v. Duchess County Board of Election. We prevailed before New York trial and appellate courts in this case about accessibility and safety in voting, and generated a groundswell of public support in the process. Our work led the New York legislature to pass a law requiring on-campus voting sites at colleges with 300 or more students.
  • FCC v. Prometheus Radio Project. We represented The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights in urging the U.S. Supreme Court to expand and support media ownership by members of historically disadvantaged groups, particularly people of color and women. (Our amicus brief)
  • State of Vermont vs. Misch. We represented the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in successfully urging the Vermont Supreme Court to uphold Vermont’s ban on large-capacity magazines. (Our amicus brief | Opinion)
  • Trump v. State of New York. We represented a leading historian in arguing that the Fourteenth Amendment precludes the Trump Administration from excluding undocumented persons from the numerical basis used to apportion the House of Representatives. (Our amicus brief)
  • Chiafalo vState of Washington. We represented a group of historians and legal scholars in this case about the rights of presidential electors to vote for the candidate of their choice. (Our amicus brief)
  • Gloucester County School Board v. G.G. ex rel. Grimm. We represented the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in this case advocating for transgender rights. (Our amicus brief). Slate called our brief detailing the similarity between race and transgender discrimination in the segregation of bathrooms a “trenchant history lesson.
  • Republic of Sudan v. Rick Harrison. We represented Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), the nation’s leading military and veterans advocate, in this case about sailors injured in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole. (Our amicus brief)
  • Dollar General v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. We represented the States of Mississippi, Colorado, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington in successfully urging the Supreme Court to support a finding of tribal jurisdiction. (Our amicus brief
  • Kashef v. BNP Paribas. We filed an amicus brief on behalf of Members of Congress supporting victims of atrocities committed in Sudan, successfully urging the Second Circuit to reverse a district court ruling about the “act of state” doctrine. (Our amicus brief)

For more information, please contact Partner & Pro Bono Practice Lead Mike Donofrio.


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