Who We Are

Who We Are

We specialize in trial and appellate litigation. Headquartered in Los Angeles, we maintain a national practice representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Our lawyers are talented, creative, and experienced. Our clients are companies, governments, law firms, and individuals who want innovative and effective solutions for their legal challenges.

We have substantial experience trying cases before juries, judges, and arbitrators. We approach every new case with trial in mind and work quickly to develop a deep understanding of the facts, law, and surrounding context. By getting to the bottom of each case, we can identify the potential paths to victory and offer our clients a complete strategic vision. And by seeking litigation advantages early, aggressively, and often, our lawyers position each case for its best resolution.

We also have one of the country’s leading appellate practices. Our lawyers regularly argue before the U.S. Supreme Court, and we routinely handle high-stakes appeals before federal and state appellate courts nationwide. Virtually all of our appellate specialists also have significant trial practices or advise on important trial-court matters. Our mastery of the entire litigation process ensures that our clients receive the soundest counsel at every stage.

Our staffing is lean and unleveraged. Our lawyers rely on ingenuity and efficiency to win cases. We maintain a high partner-to-associate ratio to ensure that every case receives the personal attention of our most experienced lawyers. And we hire star talent from top to bottom so that we can allocate work cost-effectively. Our track record of success with this approach allows us to consider a variety of fee structures, including contingency, hourly, and hybrid arrangements.

Our exciting cases and distinctive model attract a diverse group of high-caliber, entrepreneurial lawyers. All were top students, and many clerked for federal district or circuit court judges. Most importantly, each of them possesses the creativity, work ethic, and tenacity necessary to deliver our clients wins in the cases they care about most.