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Tillman Breckenridge comments to USA Today on diversity of advocates before the Supreme Court


The relevant excerpt:

Tillman Breckenridge, a partner at the Stris & Maher law firm and a veteran appellate attorney, said that it is important for the legal community and clients to recognize that “credentials and capability are not perfectly correlated,” particularly when hiring decisions are based on decades-old clerkships. Decades ago, those opportunities were harder to come by for women and minorities starting out in their careers. 

“Credentials are valuable metrics that people should rely on to a degree, but when you require people to check racially disparate boxes, you get racially disparate results,” said Breckenridge, who founded the appellate and Supreme Court clinic at William & Mary Law School. “As a law professor, I saw time and again how someone with lesser credentials often proves more capable.”

Read the full article here.


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