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U.S. Supreme Court grants review in Fourth Estate v., Peter Stris to argue


June 28, 2018 – The U.S. Supreme Court granted review this morning in Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v., No. 17-571, a case in which we represent the respondent.

The issue the Court will decide is whether a plaintiff may file an infringement action as soon as it applies for a registration of copyright, or only once the registrar of copyright acts on that registration. (Our BIO) Prior to the petition being granted, the Court called for the views of the Solicitor General, and the government subsequently filed a brief unequivocally supporting the merits position we set out in our Brief in Opposition. (SG’s Brief) [Update: on October 11, 2018, we filed our brief for the respondents. (Our Brief)]

The case is likely to be heard this fall and will be argued by Peter K. Stris.  It will be Mr. Stris’ eighth oral argument before the Court.


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