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As U.S. Supreme Court Term begins, coverage continues of Stris & Maher’s cases


Stris & Maher is one of only eight firms that will be arguing multiple merits cases before the U.S. Supreme Court in the October 2016 Term.* Peter Stris will argue Microsoft v. Baker and Daniel Geyser will argue Midland Funding, LLC v. Johnson.

Both cases continue to draw media attention. Law360 recently noted that a firm victory in Microsoft would “mark a big win for class action plaintiffs,” and Bloomberg BNA recognized the justices’ hesitation to decide such a controversial case without a ninth justice present on the Court. Both media outlets have also covered Johnson extensively. In one article, Law360 commented on the effect an adverse ruling could have on the debt collection industry. In another, Bloomberg BNA highlighted the impact a Stris & Maher victory would have on consumers across the country.

*According to data compiled by Michael Lieberman, an attorney who practices regularly before the Court, those eight firms are Hogan Lovells (5 cases), WilmerHale (5 cases), Perkins Coie (3 cases), Quinn Emanuel (3 cases), Bancroft PLLC (2 cases), Gupta Wessler PLLC (2 cases), Orrick (2 cases), and Stris & Maher (2 cases).

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