March 15, 2017

Peter Stris & Radha Pathak Win California Lawyer’s Attorneys of the Year Award

Each year, the California Lawyer and the Daily Journal recognize a select group of lawyers who “dazzled in the courtroom and in the boardroom, setting a standard for excellence to which all litigators and corporate lawyers should aspire.” Recipients of these CLAY awards are attorneys who have “garnered headlines for their innovativeness and impact.”

This year, the firm is proud to announce that Peter Stris and Radha Pathak received CLAY awards for their exceptional advocacy. The California Lawyer and the Daily Journal publish a profile about each award recipient. Mr. Stris and Ms. Pathak’s profile focuses on a high-impact matter they handled before the U.S. Supreme Court last Term. Read the profile here.

Coverage linked above:
CLAY Award Profile: Reexamining the Federal Employee Retirement Law (Daily Journal, March 15, 2017)