March 30, 2016

Daniel L. Geyser Seeks Reinstatement of $10 Million Jury Verdict in High-Level Commercial Dispute

After Texas company Stelluti Kerr won a $10 million jury verdict against defendant Mapei, Inc., a federal judge overturned the verdict—without explanation—and entered judgment for the defendant. Stelluti Kerr retained Stris & Maher and Daniel Geyser to handle the appeal to the Fifth Circuit.

In commenting on the judge’s unusual decision to throw out the jury verdict, Mr. Geyser explained: “After the verdict was entered, the Court first requested briefing on an issue that Mapei waived, and then it again requested more briefing on a second issue that Mapei also waived. It finally displaced a jury verdict after a week-long trial without one whit of concrete explanation. We look forward to raising these issues on appeal.”

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