Trade Secret Cases

Crosscode (now Codelogic, Inc.) Crosscode, Inc. v. Sharma
Mr. Friedman’s team filed litigation against his client’s former CEO, seeking declaratory judgment that a purported license agreement that gave the company’s intellectual property to the former CEO was null and void. Mr. Friedman’s team was able to obtain a preliminary injunction in which the Northern District of California held among other things that: (i) the purported license agreement was likely fabricated and (ii) that the former CEO was enjoined from enforcing the purported license agreement or otherwise using the Company’s trade secrets. The case was ultimately resolved, with the Company able to retain complete control over its intellectual property.

Confidential Wine Distributor Company
Mr. Friedman and his team represented a wine distributor against a large wine importer in this trade secret theft and breach of contract case. The wine importer received confidential information regarding the client’s sales, and then terminated the distribution agreement. Mr. Friedman’s team was able to achieve a successful resolution of the matter.