Other Complex Litigation

Frommert v. Conkright [Read more here]
For nearly a decade, the firm has represented dozens of pensioners in this case against the Xerox pension plan. To date, Xerox has been ordered to pay—and has paid—more than $22 million to plaintiffs. This epic dispute has already resulted in a published opinion by the U.S Supreme Court in 2010 (Supreme Court Opinion | Argument Audio) as well as three published opinions by the Second Circuit, including a major victory for our clients in 2013 (Second Circuit Opinion | Argument Audio). The case is currently on its fourth appeal to the Second Circuit, where Ms. Brannen presented oral argument (Argument Audio) in support of our efforts to obtain additional relief.

The Energy Conservation Group, LLC, et al. v. Applied Underwriters, Inc., et al.
A well-known regional business purchased an insurance product that failed to comply with state law and subjected the company to the very exposure it sought to insure. Litigation ensued. Because the insurer is owned by one of nation’s most successful financial companies, the company brought in Stris & Maher as lead counsel to level the playing field.

Parties Confidential
Ms. Brannen and other firm lawyers served as lead trial counsel to several American companies in a multimillion dollar franchise dispute against a major international coffeehouse chain. Ms. Brannen and were in arbitration proceedings governed by the Commercial Rules of the American Arbitration Association.

Parties Confidential
Since joining the firm, Ms. Brannen helped achieve a favorable low-value settlement of putative class-action litigation in which plaintiffs’ damages expert purported to project class-wide damages of at least $20 million.