Business Litigation

Bromley, LLC, et al. v. Altadena Lincoln Crossing, LLC
Won a bench trial, and affirmance on appeal, in a contract dispute relating to the breakup of a proposed purchase of a shopping center. Served as first chair at the appellate stage and second chair at the trial stage, obtaining a final judgment of virtually all damages sought plus all claimed attorneys’ fees.

Neilmed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Basa, et al.
After successfully second chairing an arbitration in which his client’s former employee was found liable for breaching contractual and fiduciary duties to the company, in connection with work for a competitor, obtained a permanent injunction against his client’s former employee.

The Lipoderm Institute Inc., et al. v. MCOA Holdings, LLC, et al. 
Obtained a favorable statement of decision on an issue of corporate governance under Delaware law, after second chairing the bench trial on that issue, leading to an excellent resolution of the case.