Executive Employment Representation

Confidential Portfolio Manager Client
Mr. Friedman’s client was enticed to start a new fund for a large investment entity. As it turns out, the fund was not what was represented, and the investment entity ultimately decided to not launch the fund and terminate Mr. Friedman’s client before the fund ever launched. Mr. Friedman was able to achieve a successful settlement for his client and ensure that his client could successfully launch a new fund with a different investment company.

Confidential Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Friedman was retained to negotiate a severance, and if necessary file litigation, against a large, privately held grantmaking foundation.

Confidential Founder, Chief Executive Officers of Startup Company
Mr. Friedman was retained to negotiate, and assist his clients with defending themselves against claims of financial impropriety, while simultaneously negotiating corporate transactions to allow his clients to regain board control of the companies they founded. Both matters were able to be resolved with the clients regaining control of their assets/entities.