Copyright Litigation

Grasshopper House LLC v. Clean & Sober Media LLC, et al.
In 2019, we successfully represented defendants at back-to-back federal trials in this high-stakes Lanham Act false advertising case. (Our clients’ 7-figure pre-trial settlement offer was rejected by the plaintiff who instead sought $65 million in damages, which it asked to be trebled.) Although the jury found a Lanham Act violation, we convinced the court to exclude the plaintiff’s damages expert. A bench trial over equitable remedies and defenses followed, after which the court issued a final judgment denying the plaintiff any monetary recovery. (Order | Denial of Costs)

Logitech/Ligos Matter
On behalf of Logitech, Mr. Halpern responded to Ligos’ persistent demands for up to $20 million for allegedly unauthorized use of copyrighted Ligos software. After conducting factual and legal investigation, he drafted letter memo to Ligos that caused it to abandon the matter without any payment from Logitech.

Connectu v. Facebook
Mr. Halpern was part of the team that represented Facebook Inc. in a case involving computer hacking and misappropriation claims. He drafted large portions of the briefing on the successful motion to dismiss the entire case.