Breach of Contract Litigation

Storm Ventures, L.P. vs. Pipedrive, Inc.
Mr. Friedman’s team represented Pipedrive, a venture-backed SAAS company in litigation filed by one of its seed-investors in which the Plaintiff claimed that it was entitled to more shares of the company based on the terms of the investment agreement. The case was successfully resolved as part of Pipedrive’s acquisition by a large private equity fund.

World Ag Associates, LLC v. Oligo, et al.
We are representing the supplier of natural feed additives against its distributor in this multi-national, breach of contract case pending in federal district court.

Confidential Technology Clients Pre-Litigation Disputes
Mr. Friedman represented several well-known public and well-funded startup clients in disputes with their IT vendors. Mr. Friedman’s team was able to achieve quick resolution of the matters on favorable terms to his clients without resorting to litigation.